So, the core idea for the website is complete. It’s time to start a blog and track our progress!

Let’s recap what’s here and ready to use…

  • Yoga Videos – The website has been brewing for years and the videos are leftovers from previous half hearted attempts; they’re old and some not of highest quality.
  • Video Previews – Hover over a video to get a preview – pretty cool! Although it’s a little disjointed, maybe add more frames around each capture to smooth it out better?
  • User Accounts – Login using your Google account to track workout progress. We don’t care about your personal detail – only your unique ID so we can do the following…
  • Progress Tracking – Track how many times you’ve completed a workout, where you got to last time, avoid workouts you’ve bailed out on.
  • Favourites – Add a video to your favourites to quickly find it again for future sessions.

And where we're going next!

  • Workout Search – All the video metadata is ready, you just need to be able to filter through it!
  • Video Player Progress Bar – Easily see how much of a workout is left and know how hard to push yourself
  • History – View a log of your previous workouts, how active you’ve been compared to the last month and set challenges for yourself!
  • Jump to Start of Workout – Skip the waffle and get straight into the flow!
  • Find Workouts by Pose – wouldn’t that be awesome? Want to build up your quads? Do these videos and hammer that table pose!
  • Series – There’s some great ’30 Day Challenges’ out there, wouldn’t it be awesome to tick off each day and get a reminder?

And the design. It needs work. Here’s some screenshots for prosperity…

Logged in Homepage showing previous progress of workouts
Yoga workout video page